A Health Product That I Can Share With Integrity!!!

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Let me explain who I am!!! I am an honest person, when I look in the mirror I know I have told the truth!!!

I talk to people about their health everyday. When, I talk about IGY Protein, I am telling the whole truth.

You see I cannot promote anything I do not believe in. There are several reasons for this. One I am an RN and I vowed to help people be well.

Two, I don’t get excited about things that do not work on me. Yes, I test everything on myself.

Three, if you met me on the street, I never want to have to dodge you because I told you a lie.

If I could take your hand, and tell you the best thing you can do for your health, the health of you family or the health of your pets, is get on the IGY protein, that is what I would do!!! In a world of chemicals that are making people sicker, I promise you, that each day you can be better if you take i-26

or the recovery protein. I am being honest and praying you are listening. Medicine is not what it used to be. We have all this technology and still yet, we are losing people to cancer, heart attacks, MRSA!!! IF we know so much then why is it not working. Children are suffering because some doctors are married to pharmaceutical companies.

This is one plea I have if you want to be a little better than you are today. If you want your family to be healthy, I highly recommend you incorporate this supplement into your health plan.

It’s okay no matter what…

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You know it is time to work with those who are positive, motivated, teachable people!!

Livelove & Carry On

I don’t care if you cheated on your diet, smoked a cig or fell off the wagon of your 12 step program. You are okay. No one is perfect and please stop thinking about what is in the past and begin to create your reality. 

Did you know your reality can only include the present or future. Meaning what is or will be is all you truly need to worry about. Even if you just took a bite of the yummy nothing bundt cake, two minutes ago and your concious mind is reminding you of how fat you are. Tell it to shut up. 

Paradigms are people, places and events from the past. They are our best way to create connections. No they are not all positive, some of our paradigms are negative. Almost like your brains defense mechanism to protect and serve you. For example: In the wonderful Disney…

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